Types of opinions

Anyone within the jurisdiction of the Ethics Commission may submit a Request for an Opinion as to the proper interpretation or applicability of ordinances within the Ethics Commission’s purview. The request must pertain to the particular facts of the individual’s situation.
Contact the Executive Director for further information on how to request an opinion.

Michael Murawski Executive Director

  • The Ethics Commission can only provide ethics guidance prospectively, meaning regarding future or ongoing transactions.
  • Ethics Staff will have to confirm accuracy of transaction fact patterns prior to the issuance of the opinion.

Note: The Ethics Commission will not provide an opinion to someone regarding the conduct of a third person and opinions will not be issued regarding conduct that has already happened, past actions are handled as potential enforcement matters.

The Ethics Commission offers guidance in two different ways.

1. Informal Opinions

Anyone covered by the Ethics Code may request an informal consultation with the Executive Director regarding application of the Ethics Code to a particular situation.

2. Formal Opinions

Anyone covered by the Ethics Code can request a Formal Advisory Opinion from the Ethics Commission by submitting all relevant facts and requesting an opinion regarding a matter that is subject to the Ethics Code.

Opinions will be binding on the Ethics Commission and the requesting party based upon the facts submitted. The opinion may be relied upon by others until amended or revoked.