All Formal Complaints that are filed and determined to be legally sufficient will be investigated by the Ethics Commission. This gives the Commission the opportunity to conduct a full, fair and thorough review of the facts alleged and gather relevant evidence.

An appointed and qualified Investigator will conduct the investigation under the direction of the Executive Director or the Advocate. Investigations include the gathering of documentary and other physical evidence as well as conducting interviews and taking formal statements under oath. The Ethics Commission has the power to subpoena witnesses and other records pertinent to the investigation and when needed will use this authority to ensure participation.

The Commission can initiate investigations either based on a Formal Complaint or on its own initiative as authorized by the City Charter, at Sections 17.1. (6)(e)(i) and 17.4.(4).

The policies and procedures utilized in initiating and overseeing investigations are contained in Section D, “Preliminary Investigations” of the Commission’s Rules of Procedure

Please address questions regarding ethics investigations to the Executive Director:

Michael Murawski Executive Director