Complaint Process

Section 17.1. (6)(e)(i) of the City of Naples Charter, authorizes the Ethics Commission to receive complaints alleging ethical violations or violations of law. The Commission may also initiate its own investigations and file complaints when appropriate. The decision as to when a self-initiated investigation may be commenced is guided by a procedure adopted by the Commission.

Formal complaints will only be accepted if filed on the appropriate form, signed and notarized.

Download complaint form

  • Upon receiving a complaint, the Commission staff will conduct a preliminary analysis to ensure it is legally sufficient. If the complaint is deemed legally sufficient, it will go before the Ethics Commission for a probable cause determination.
  • The Executive Director or the Advocate will conduct an investigation in order to make a recommendation to the Commission as to whether or not there is Probable Cause to believe that an ethics violation has occurred.
  • If the Commission finds no probable cause, the complaint will be dismissed. If the Commission finds there is probable cause, the matter can be set for a public hearing and such proceedings must comply with the Sunshine Law. The parties may enter into a negotiated settlement of the complaint prior to a public hearing, any negotiated settlement must be approved by the Commission. Upon the conclusion of the hearing, the Commission shall make a finding and issue a report as to whether any provision within its jurisdiction has been violated.
  • If Commission members determine a violation has been committed, they shall issue an order imposing the appropriate penalty, which may include fines, letters of advice or reprimand or other penalties which may be imposed by law.

For detailed information on the complaint process and how hearings are conducted, see our Rules of Procedure.